Think again.

So just moments ago, I was on my way home from a late night movie with my friend, and I was walking behind some middle aged dude who was really gross (I’ll get to what he did later!) which got me thinking about 1 thing about fat people.

Most people actually think of fat people as gross and shit, but seriously you WILL think again after hearing what the middle aged guy did.

Turns out he lives in my neighborhood, and he looks like an average dude with a nice family and a stable job ya know? Glasses, kinda weathered looking, not too slim, but not too fat either, really your average 40-year old joe. But what made him REALLY extraordinary was that I saw him reach into his underwear (sadly it was so clear I could recall it was a grey) scratching his ass NON-STOP whilst walking during that 3 minute walk back. DUDE!!! Can’t that itch wait?!

When I thought it was already gross enough that he’s putting his hands into his pants in PUBLIC, he then took his hand out, and dug his nose. HOLY MOTHER OF F**K. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself cos it kinda reminded me of I.R Baboon from the Cow and Chicken show where I.R Baboon would randomly scratch his ass and then smell his finger. HAHHAA.

So the next time you’re thinking about labeling plus sized guys/girls as GROSS, think again, any average joe is equally capable of shit like that! haha.



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