9th January  2012:

So yeah this morning I got up early despite a long night of playing FIFA 12 (freaking awesome game), I got up early and headed out to get me some grub. What happened as I approached the market was rather embarrassing, but I’m pretty sure it happens to many of us, especially big guys like me.

Basically I was walking down toward the hawker center, and i saw this beautiful lady in a nice black office dress smiling at me and walking toward me. I was stunned shitless, and smiled back, but what was really embarrassing was that she wasn’t smiling at me!! Turns out she saw some friend or colleague of hers drive his BMW 6 series in. Damn I should’ve known there’s no way a hot lady like that would wanna have anything to do with Bobby Ang the Fat friend!! Oh wells. life’s like that!! Now that I think about it, it was kinda funny. hahahha.


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